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Submit Your Travel Experience

We make it extremely easy for you to document your travel experiences on our platform in just a few minutes. Submit your travel itinerary highlighting all the amazing places you've seen and would recommend to your friends.

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Get Your Travel Itinerary Approved

Once you have submitted your travel itinerary, we will review your content to ensure the quality is up to our standards, as we are on a mission to offer the best travel insights to our audiences.

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Once your itinerary gets approved, your entire travel experience is published on our platform and put in front of our users. Gain followers, get sponsored by your fans and keep 100% of your earnings!

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Amazing curated itineraries

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Decide where you want to go and access hundreds of itineraries from travellers just like you who have already been to your desired destination.

Research less enjoy more

Save Time Planning

Stop wasting valuable time asking for recommendations and leverage the experience of our travel influencers. Get inspired by their personal unique journeys and start shaping your own route based on their invaluable information!

Make the best of your trip

Make The Best Of Your Journey

Whether you're into skiing, scuba diving, safari or just sightseeing, there's always an adventure available to go on. Learn from hundreds of curated journeys and discover amazing places in the tiniest detail.


Yes, absolutely! Anyone can become a travel influencer on our platform.

As soon as you sign up on our platform, you will be able to start submitting your travel experiences.

It should not take you more than a few minutes. We have worked really hard to make it extremely easy for our users to create content in no time. If it helps, think about all the time you need to post content on Instagram. That's the same exact amount of time you will need to submit a travel experience on our platform.

Absolutely not! We are not a blog and we do not expect our influencers to write articles for us. Submitting a travel experience consists of adding a few pictures or videos of all the places you've visited during your trip.

We allow our contributors to list any social media channels they have including their personal blog. Users will be able to reach out and subscribe to your channels through your public profile, which will be attached under each of your published travel experience.

We currently support payments through PayPal. Your followers and fans will be able to sponsor you directly through Paypal. Airlou does not take any fee so you will receive 100% of the earnings. All you have to do is set up your PayPal.Me link under your profile. Instructions on how to do that can be found under your profile settings page.

No, you can still get sponsored by users who admire your work and get inspired by your travel itineraries.

Unfortunately, no. We review every travel experience that gets submitted to make sure the content is original and all photos and videos are genuine and they actually belong to the creator. We also want to make sure the described itinerary is the one you've actually done yourself.

You can reach us via Facebook, Instagram or our live chat support.