Weekend roadtrip in California

No one talks about HWY 395 and the beautiful places you can visit. Weeks wouldn't be enough just to see everything that that highway offers.
- Sep 2020 -









Mobius Arch Stone

Mobius Arch Stone

We drove from San Francisco to Bakersfield, spent a night there and woke up early to get to our first stop called Mobius Arch Stone in the Alabama Hills. We always use Waze or Google Maps for our navigation but we always check the details in case we lose service. 

To get to this rock you only need to do a 1 mile loop. In the background you can see Mount Whitney, and the place is just breathtaking, like a whole another planet. 

Here you can checkout a cinematic video of the trip.

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Flower Lake

Flower Lake

This is a 7km hike, we could have gone further but we felt like this was perfect for that day. We stopped at Flower Lake, had lunch and headed back to our car and drove to Independence to our Airbnb. 

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Big Pine Lakes

This is the hike we have always dreamt about! We decided to start the hike early so we see a sunrise. We woke up at 3am, started the hike at 4am, and we already got to the lakes way before everyone else was there. I really suggest you to do that! We decided to only visit the first 3 lakes which was a 20km hike out and back. We swam in the second lake then headed back and we got to our car by 4pm. Have lot of water, lunch, headlamp, and a swimsuit with you! We spent one more night in an Aribnb in Bishop, then drove back to San Francisco.

Here is a whole video of the trip!

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