Camping in Washington for 6 days

Two friends of mine and I went camping in Washington state for 6 days and we hiked every day at beautiful places!
- Aug 2020 -









Colchuck Lake

Colchuck Lake

I rented a car for 6 days and I spent 2 days alone before my friends joined me. I drove to Colchuck Lake from Seattle. This place requires you to hike a lot to get to the lake. It is a 14.5 km out and back hard hike with about 700 m elevation. It is really hard to get there but once you are there it definitely worth it because that is the bluest and most beautiful lake I have ever seen.

On this day I camped alone in Leavenworth and my friends joined me the following day. I picked them up in Seattle and started driving to Olympic National Park.


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Mt. Storm King

This is a very adventurous and dangerous hike. You can see my full Youtube video. To get to the top, you will need to use ropes to help yourself up because the trail is really slippery and steep. The hike itself is 9 km out and back with 600m elevation. Today we camped in Port Angeles by Elwha River. 

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Sol Duc Falls

This hike is a short easy hike to get to the waterfalls. On the way we met black bears so be prepared, have a bear spray with you. 

Today we camped on the same place as yesterday, we had a VIP campground by the river so we had a part just for ourselves. I booked all the campgrounds on Airbnb.

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Hurricane Ridge

This is a 5km long hike in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful colourful flowers and at the top, you will find some snow!

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Hoh Rainforest

We drove to the other side of the National Park to visit a rainforest. We only walked around a little because then we headed back to Seattle to be closer to the airport for the next day.

Here is a video of the whole trip!

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