About Airlou

Airlou is a platform built by travellers for travellers. Our mission is to help people make the most of their time while exploring new places around the world. All you have to do is decide where you want to go, and let an entire community of passionate travellers inspire you on all the things you can do once you get there. It's that simple.

Our Story

Octavian N.

Founder & Avid Traveller

Octavian has always had a big passion for travelling and exploration. As a Londoner, however, with a very busy schedule, organizing his expeditions has always been a challenge.

Having realised that he needed to become more efficient at planning his trips, he started looking for travel communities hoping to get a better picture of things to explore during his future journeys.

He soon discovered that such information was all over the place and the amount of time needed to go through every single blog, forum, social media group, or website was just not realistic for him. He was determined to find a more efficient way to plan his coming adventures and make the most of his time while exploring new places. So, Airlou was born.

Inga K.

Co-founder & Passionate Traveller

Also based in London nowdays, Inga moved in 3 years ago from Norway where she used to live, study and work in fashion, her second biggest passion. Like many others, she also has the travel bug and she would rather spend a weekend sightseeing than staying inside and relax on her comfy sofa.

She loved the idea behind Airlou and she decided she wanted to be part of a growing community where she could not only share her travel portfolio but also get inspired by others.

Nowadays, she is planning her next big adventure: a roadtrip in US from New York to Miami.